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ACCA Performance Management (PM) Overview

LSBCAGlobe’s PM classes are a comprehensive and exhaustive program offered by the Largest Ed-Tech Company for Finance & Accounts aspirants. This course offers video lessons by the best ACCA/CA teachers. Students can reinforce their learnings by watching engaging video lessons on LSBCAGlobe’s platform, taking tests, and referring to scientifically designed study material.

Performance Management (PM):

Students will develop understanding and proficiency in the exercising of management accounting methodologies to quantitative and qualitative information for analysis, controlling, and performance assessment.

This program covers the syllabus of Performance Management (PM) during the course duration.

The validity of the course depends on the month of the exam selected by you and can extend on showing your result.

Course Highlights:

1. Free ACCA Registration

2. Engaging Video Lessons on LSBCAGlobe’s Platform

Video lessons (attend anytime) with real-time experience help students prepare for the subject. Students can learn at their own pace and style through this personalized learning platform.

3. Practice Quizzes

Shared after every chapter to revise and practice the understanding with the video lesson. Each practice quiz consists of at least 5 to 7 questions for the understanding of the concept.  Participating in tests after every chapter will boost the confidence of students.

4. Mock Tests

A set of mock tests will be conducted after finishing the course to be checked by qualified ACCA/CA professors on submission.

5. Study Material

Students will receive study material in the form of ebooks (Kaplan)

6. Tracking Performance

Students can also track their performance on LSBCAGlobe’s analytical tool.

7. Guidance and Counselling Sessions

To motivate students and help them aspire for greater successes.

Course Content - ACCA Performance Management (PM)

  • PM - Chapter 01 - Management Accounting
  • PM - Chapter 02 - IT and System Organisational Performance
  • PM - Chapter 03 - Information Systems and Data Analytics
  • PM - Chapter 04 - Specialist Cost and Management
  • PM - Chapter 05 - Cost Volume Profit Analysis
  • PM - Chapter 06 - Planning with Limiting Factors
  • PM - Chapter 07 - Pricing
  • PM - Chapter 08 - Relevant Costing
  • PM - Chapter 09 - Risk and Uncertainty
  • PM - Chapter 10 - Budgeting
  • PM - Chapter 11 - Quantitative Analysis
  • PM - Chapter 12 - Advanced Variances
  • PM - Chapter 13 - Performance Measurement and Control
  • PM - Chapter 14 - Divisional Performance Measurement and Transfer Pricing
  • PM - Chapter 15 - PM in Non-Profit Organization

Important FAQ’s

  • What is the Validity?
    The validity of the course registration depends on the month of the exam that will select.
  • Can I access the course on any device?
    No, you will be registered with only one device for your studies either on your smart phone or tablet or laptop/computer.
  • Are the Videos copyrighted?
    Yes, each video is copyrighted and legally you are not allowed to record, distribute the videos, or give your log in credentials to anyone. This course is for one person + one device.
  • Can a course be cancelled?
    Course once subscribed cannot be cancelled.
  • Can a course be changed with another course?
    Course once subscribed cannot be changed with another course.
  • Is fee transferable?
    Fees are non-transferable.