London School of Business & Certified Accountants was founded in 2006. LSBCA has been teaching professional courses such as ACCA, CAT/FIA, IFRS, etc. since 2006. It has been a long journey of 10+ years, and we have achieved almost anything and everything that we have desired. But the real question is, "What we desired"?

So, the answer is, "We wished to help students, and their worried parents, to have better career prospects so that their dreams can be fulfilled. The world has changed since globalization. Now we are not a small, isolated part of the world anymore. We are one "Global Village." "A Big One Global Village" where skilled professionals have more excellent career prospects.

Our mission, philosophy, professional training, practicality, career development, and personal training are some of the ardent features that set us apart from others. Our teaching patterns remain in tune with our philosophy of providing the best of services to our students. We believe that the foundation of a good institute is laid on the strength of the faculty.

Our dynamic, inspirational, and highly academic faculties are purely dedicated and committed to the excellence of each student. The personalized coaching techniques and the environment provided to the candidate include meticulously planned classrooms and books for research, which ensures 100% development of the student on the intellectual part. Being very much quality conscious, we do not want to leave any of the factors that can hinder our students' careers. So, we are committed to filling golden colors in the professional stream of our students.